Sliding Glass Doors – The Pros And Cons

September 10, 2018 in Blog

Sliding glass doors have seen substantial improvements in functionalities and designs since they were first introduced hundreds of years ago. Today, these doors have become an integral part of the smart homes concept as they offer various innovative features, such as, optimal thermal insulation.

These are affordable door replacement services and they are easy to maintain. There are numerous benefits which can increase the overall appeal of your home decor. That being said, here are some of the pros and cons of these types of doors that you may want to consider if you need to replace a door in your home. 

The Pros

Excellent View

These doors are a luxurious accessory that can add a touch of elegance to your house or commercial building. You get a clear outdoor view because they resemble windows more than doors. A properly positioned glass door can  add an air of glamour to both the interior and exterior of your property.

Excellent Room Divider

A sliding door can be a better room divider when compared to a set of french doors or a bi-folding door. A sliding door will take up the least space with the least amount of visible frame and the most glass.

A two-panel sliding door will give you just a single central frame region. A set of french doors, however, will give you 3 thicker mullions. A 3-panel set of bifold doors will ideally be the same. These types of doors work well in providing privacy with a feeling of space. Just install this type of door between two rooms and a simple pull or push closes or expands the space. Simply slide the doors to merge your dining and living room, and you will have a vast entertaining space as you need it.

Energy Efficient

These doors not only provide comfort, safety, and beauty, but they are also energy efficient. They have lower glass to frame ratio thus providing more insulation from heat compared to typical windows. Another benefit of these doors is that they let in lots of natural light which you can take advantage of.  Also, external screens placed on the sliding doors ensure that there is proper airflow in the interior because of the wide door openings.


These doors are ideal if you have to move big objects in and out of the rooms because of the size. The sliding mechanism gets rids of external hinges that might be damaged when any objects are being moved. The tracks are also easy to maintain and replace. As such, sliding doors are a practical and stylish option for your home or office.

The Cons


Perhaps the biggest con with these doors is that they come with a hefty installation price, which deters some homeowners. However, if you weigh the cost with the benefits that these doors offer, you will quickly realize that they are worth every single cent. With time, they will give you a better return on investment by helping you save a significant amount on energy bills.

These aren’t many cons when it comes to sliding glass doors.

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