The Types of Basement Windows

Large open floor plan basement in a nice home.

Even though it seems like there’s a small selection of the types of basement windows, there are actually numerous styles and sizes in the market. Your choice will depend on what kind of basement you have.

Large open floor plan basement in a nice home.If you have a daylight basement, where your house is built on a slope, and the back is entirely exposed while the front region of the basement is underground, then your back windows should include a slider and should be of the size that you would typically install in the upper floor of your home.

If your basement is mainly underground on all sides, then the type of windows you are going to see in the market will be broader than they are tall.

Casement Windows

These types of windows are usually found in bathrooms and basements that have more of their space showing above the ground. They are normally taller than they are wide and open as one entire window outwards. They ideally feature privacy options.

Hopper Windows

These are a basic design that features a sturdy frame around one piece of glass that opens by tilting outward or inward as a whole unit. They are a classic design for basements that usually incorporated frosted glass and other effects such as glass block to allow privacy in properties where the windows face the street. These types of windows are usually wide but not very tall. When buying hopper windows, you will quickly notice that they are similar to awning windows. The biggest difference, however, is that awning windows usually tilt out from the bottom, thus making them a poor choice for windows in your basement, unless installed upside down.

Slider Windows

As mentioned earlier, if your basement is the daylight type, then having a sliding glass window can be an excellent way to enjoy a basement in the front as well as deck experience in the back of your house. Even though most sliders have similar engineering ratings, it is best when you shop for sliders so that you can gravitate towards finding those that have the sturdiest frame. Smaller slider windows are an excellent choice if your basement is facing the street.

The Best Window Materials for Basements

You may already know that wood is a material that you will want to avoid for basements as the window is closer to the ground, thus making it vulnerable to moisture which can cause the window rot, expand or shrink. As such, most contractors recommend that you go for vinyl framed windows. Vinyl is impervious to mold and other forms of ground-borne dampness issues. It can also be cleaned easily, and it is the primary window type that’s sold as a new or as a replacement window. As such, if you wish to replace your windows at any point, then you will not have to worry about replacement all of them in order to match.

These are the common types of basement windows and the best materials to use. Depending on your type of basement, they can be an excellent addition and a good source of natural light.

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