Window Replacement To Add Comfort Value and Beauty

Construction Worker Installing New Windows In House

Our team has window replacement and installation experts ready to upgrade your home’s efficiency, value, and appearance. We offer both vinyl and wood replacement windows to ensure we have the best selection for you.

Why You Need To Replace Windows

Windows add comfort, value, and beauty to a house. When you replace your windows, you can increase the aesthetics of your home without undertaking any major renovations. This will also help you to get rid of drafts that can sneak into your home on cold Pittsburgh winter days and during the hot, humid air during the summer. If there is even a slight draft with your current windows, you will see an increase in your cooling and heating bills.

If you want to be sure that the job is done right the first time, be sure to contact us today. We have a wide variety of colors and styles available, allowing you to customize your home’s look. Replacing windows is a very valuable aspect of any home renovation project.

Energy Efficient Savings

Over the past decade, the technology to produce and manufacture windows had advanced a great deal. Because of the advanced technology, you will be able to save a great deal on your energy bills. One energy-efficient window in place of one single-pane window can save you up to $400 per year on your cooling and heating bills in the Pittsburgh area.

Windows in your home that are 10 years or older can make your house susceptible to outside drafts. This can increase your overall energy bills. Even if you happen to live in a new home, often the construction-grade windows installed in these homes are not any better than windows that were made many years ago and may allow heat and cold air to penetrate your new house.

So whether your house is old or new, it mainly loses energy through its windows. Our team can provide you with new wood or vinyl replacement window s to help provide your energy bills and home with a controlled, comfortable temperature.

Minimal Maintenance

Our windows are made out or vinyl, wood, or a material that mixes with both of these. All of the options only require minimal amounts of maintenance. We install window casing that do not need to be painted, and are easier to clean from the outside as well as the inside. Over time, dust, dirt, and the overall environment will diminish the appearance of your window. Just keep in mind that all windows need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Control The Temperature Of Your Home

When you are unable to control temperature of your home, you will also lose control over your utility cost. Most often, when you are having issues with the temperature in your home is is a sign of air leak out of or into your house.

A whole-house air conditioner and furnace might be in place, but if outside air is pulled into your house, the temperature inside of your house is not going to be as comfortable as you want it to be.

Whether it is cold air from winter creeping in t create a chill or summer’s heat penetrating inside of you house, you need to eliminate the drafty areas to regain control over the temperature inside your home, no matter what the temperature outside is.

Increases Your Home’s Value

New wood or vinyl windows can increase the value on the standard home. Window replacement projects often will recoup more than 75% of their original costs. Along with whatever extra energy savings, you will enjoy through lower energy bills which makes it an absolute necessity to have up-to-date windows on your home.

We offer various styles and shapes of windows to meet your individual needs. If you would like to improve the value, efficiency, and look of your house with replacement windows, fill out our contact form or give us a call today to get your no-obligation consultation set up.

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