Siding Replacement And Why You May Want An Upgrade

There are numerous reasons for property owners to replace their siding. Increasingly, however, more and more homeowners are replacing it for cosmetic reasons. Even with new constructions, you are not guaranteed that it will be up to the standards you need it to be (in terms of both quality and appearance). The situation is exacerbated by the fact that more contractors are now turning to cheaper, low-quality products that do not last more than a few years. Nonetheless, there are other reasons for replacing and our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you make that decision.

Less Maintenance

A worker installs panels beige siding on the facade of the houseThere are property owners whose only interest in changing the exterior of their home is to reign in on maintenance costs. As such, these property owners will opt for the “maintenance-free” options. While this term gets thrown around a lot by manufacturers and distributors, it is important to distinguish the real deal from the sales talk.

To this end, you should note that maintenance-free options should require very minimal maintenance. For instance, they do not require painting. Therefore, with this option, you can expect to make huge savings in terms of money and time associated with maintenance. There is also the benefit of convenience as you do not have to keep painting .

Easier Cleaning

If you consider cleaning as part of maintenance, then there are no true maintenance-free systems. This is a consideration that even the manufacturers and distributors do not divulge to the buyers as it would make the “maintenance-free” tags false.

However, that being said you should note that some products are easier to clean than others. These products tend to be easier to clean and do not require specialist cleaning to get the job done. Importantly, they are easier to clean without irreparably damaging the finish.

With this in mind, property owners living in areas where environment exposes the outside of the home to more dirt, grime, and dust, an easier to clean product makes sense. Such areas include places with heavy industry associated with a large release of airborne particles that settle on the exterior. Houses surrounded by numerous trees are also impacted as trees release saps that stick and stain, requiring frequent cleaning.

Better Climate Control

While siding replacement yields higher energy savings and lower maintenance costs, surveys have shown that many homeowners are more interested in home comfort. In a Consumer Energy Alliance survey of 1000 property owners, 67% of all the respondents placed home comfort as the most important consideration.

Are you only warm by being under layer upon layer of blankets? Do you avoid chairs that are close to the walls? Do you move from room to room to avoid drafts? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are a good candidate for replacement. On the other hand, if your summers are spent running the air condition 24/7, you close all the binds to minimize the heat coming into your home, replacing with an insulated system can help improve home comfort.

Insurance Claim

In areas prone to hail, there is a choice of hail resistant material. Doing this will save you money in the long run. For starters, even though insurance will cover the cost of replacing it, you have to pay the deductible associated with the replacement. Constant replacement can wreak havoc on your financial stability. The hail resistant systems are more durable and, therefore, do not require replacing after each hail episode. Importantly, you will also benefit from energy saving, aesthetics improvements, and an increased resale value, which will more than cover the upfront costs.

And since we are discussing insurance and replacement, it is only right to cover Storm Chasers. These are contractors who will arrive right after a storm, especially in instances of servere damage. The contractors will entice you into accepting replacements even when there is no noticeable damage. Some will promise you to do it for the cost of the deductible only. Others will promise to help in filing your claims. Others still will caution you that your area has been declared as a “Disaster Area” and that rates are going to increase (both of which might not be true).

While in some cases, dealing with such contractors may work out, in many instances it does not. Storm Chasers will cost you less deductible but they also have to negotiate with the insurance company and wait for the money due. In many cases, they will have little resources to purchase and install the best quality materials. As such, you can rest assured that siding problems will appear soon afterward, but they contractors will be nowhere to be found, even though they had guaranteed their work. This will inadvertently increase your rates upon making a claim. Therefore, deal with a reputable company, preferably a locally established one.

Add Value To The Property

A recent study conducted by Remodeling Magazine sort to find out the cost of new siding for average-sized homes in relation to the home value when sold after one year of installation. Making use of professional opinions from over 200 real estate agents, the study conducted concluded that property values increased. Importantly, the study determined that property owner recouped over 82% of the price they paid.

As such, siding replacement yield some of the best return on investment of any home improvement project. Additionally, homeowners also benefit instantly with regards to improved aesthetics. Your house is transformed from a boring house to an outstanding one, especially when you add beautiful trim.

That being said, to protect your house and your investment, you should only purchase backing systems that come with a lifetime guarantee, especially on the material. While making a purchase, read everything on the guarantee papers. More so, the fine print.

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